Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never a dull moment

This is a tale of a mom with 2 girls who wants to take a shower. Seems simple enough right? Riiiiigggghhhhttt. Yesterday in the early afternoon I throw Arabel in her crib and Emma is watching the best babysitter ever, the Disney channel. I decide that it is time to clean myself up and jump in the shower. Emma "checks" on me when I am in the shower multiple times. I guess she thinks that is protocol because I yell, "you OK in there??" multiple times when she is in the tub. Shampoo is in and rinsed, Emma has checked on me twice, conditioner is in my hair and then... I hear the sound that scares the bajeebus out of any parent... the smoke alarm. I jump out of the shower like flash. No smoke can be seen or smelled. I grab a towel and start fanning the smoke detector to get it to quit screeching. It is not working so I have Emma grab her little stool (thanks Ikea) so I can reach the stupid thing to yank out the batteries. I had realized at this point that Emma had left the bathroom door open and the steam from the shower set it off. Finally, after a couple minutes of me flailing around like a crazy person, I manage to get the stupid battery out. Then, it hits me. I am NAKED. I am also jumping around like I belong in the loony bin. I am also in prime view for my elderly neighbor lady and her 2 grandkids to get a show. I turn around and who do you think is staring at me? Yup... old lady and the grand kids. Neat.

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